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Why Do Social Security Disability Applications and Appeals Take So Long? Long Backlog for SSD and SSI Applications and Appeals

Get In Line There are currently over one million people waiting for a decision on their Social Security Disability applications. As many already know firsthand, the Social Security Administration struggles to process all of these claims and render timely decisions.…

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Can I Get SSD/SSI for a Broken Pelvis, Leg, or Foot? Who qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits when a lower extremity fracture keeps you from working

Nonunion and Inability to Ambulate Can I get SSD/SSI for broken leg, pelvis or foot is a common question. If you suffered a fracture that affects your lower extremities, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. If you…

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Why does it take so long to have my disability hearing scheduled? Do I really need representation?

People often ask why it takes so long to have a hearing to determine if they are disabled. You may have seen the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last month - which asked this question. The number of…

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Is There a Difference Between SSI and DIB Disability Lawyers? What claims do Social Security Disability Attorneys handle?

A person may be eligible for two main types of Social Security Disability benefits. Disability insurance benefits, also called "DIB" or "SSD" benefits, are available to those who have paid enough into Social Security to qualify for benefits through payroll…

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