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Is There a Difference Between SSI and DIB Disability Lawyers? What claims do Social Security Disability Attorneys handle?

DIB or SSI FilingA person may be eligible for two main types of Social Security Disability benefits. Disability insurance benefits, also called “DIB” or “SSD” benefits, are available to those who have paid enough into Social Security to qualify for benefits through payroll taxes. Supplemental Security Income, also called “SSI”, is a benefit available to those who have not paid enough into the Social Security Fund, but certain financial requirements must also be met. SSI benefits are meant to help low-income disabled individuals. Many people qualify for a combination of both DIB and SSI benefits.

The standards for disability are the same under the SSI and DIB rules. Attorneys who assist people with their DIB claims will almost always also handle SSI claims and vice versa. It is important to hire a disability attorney that handles DIB and SSI claims, since many people can qualify for a combination of both and it is important for an attorney to know how these benefits work together.

Disability attorneys can help to make sure you apply for all the disability benefits you may be entitled to. Many disability attorneys can also help you apply for disability benefits and will take care of any necessary disability appeals. Whether you are entitled to DIB benefits, SSI benefits, or both, a disability lawyer can help you put your best foot forward.

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