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Veterans Disability

Veterans Disability Lawyers

At Smith & Godios Inc., we are grateful for the service of our military veterans. For this reason, we have supplemented our Social Security Disability practice to include veterans’ disability as one of our major practice areas. Since 2007, our partner, Christopher Godios, has been representing veterans before the VA Regional Office and the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Veterans Disability Benefits

Our firm focuses on helping veterans obtain service-connected disability benefits for injuries or medical conditions that can be related to a veteran’s time in military service.  A medical condition can be related to a veteran’s military service if their service caused the medical condition or if a medical condition began while a veteran was on active duty.  In addition, there are many medical conditions that the VA has presumed are related to military service.  You can also receive VA service-connected disability if a service connected condition has caused or exacerbated another medical condition.  For example, if your back pain is service connected and you have depression because of the level of pain that you experience, did you know that you could also get VA benefits for your depression?

Veterans Disability Benefits Appeal

Are you are unhappy with your VA decision, we may be able to help you file your appeal.  If you hire us, we will only charge a fee if we help you win additional benefits.  If you win your VA disability case, you will usually be awarded back pay to the date of your most recent application (in some cases it can go further back).  Our standard veterans’ disability fee is 20% of any back pay that is awarded.

While we do not file claims/applications for VA disability (just appeals) we are more than happy to offer free legal advice to vets who are considering filing a claim. Please call us if you would like to run things by an attorney before applying for VA benefits.  Be advised that there is free help out there for the claims/applications process from qualified individuals who work at various service organizations like the DAV, VFW, American Legion, and the County Veterans’ Service Commission.

See the following links for more information about service connected claims, including two very common issues, PTSD and TDIU-Do your Service-Connected Conditions Prevent You From Working (TDIU).

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