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Social Security Disability Checklist Makes Your Disability Claim Easier

Social Security Disability ChecklistDo you need to complete our Social Security Disability Checklist? Have you or loved one had a sudden accident, a progressive disease, mental health concerns, a medical mishap—any of these can prove life-altering and impact your ability to provide for yourself or your family. Yet navigating the complex world of Social Security disability payments can be a daunting task. The intricate web of paperwork, regulations and medical documentation can quickly become overwhelming.

Fortunately, proper representation can make this process much easier. We begin with our Social Security Disability checklist which includes a short list of questions to help determine your eligibility. Depending on your answers, we can help increase the chance of reaching a successful conclusion in your journey to obtain the support and benefits you deserve.

Remember, the maximum amount for Social Security Disability Income is $3,627 per month*, although it depends on different factors.

Once you complete the short form on the right of this page, an attorney will get back to you shortly.

We are experienced in handling all types of disability cases, aiming for the fastest possible resolution for our clients.

We have a long track record of successfully representing thousands of claimants over the years. The staff at Smith & Godios will work just as hard to achieve a positive outcome for your situation.

Are you or someone you know unable to work? Wondering if you have a valid claim and need help? Read the information below, and complete the form to the right. We’ll reach out to you right away to discuss your claim and see how we can help.

*As of May 2023

Do You Have a Claim?

Find Out Now.

Does the applicant expect to not work for at least 12 months?(Required)
Is the applicant receiving medical or mental treatment?(Required)
Can the applicant only work part-time?(Required)

Do you have a claim? Consider the following facts:

  1. Do you financially qualify?
    • Have you consistently worked about half the time over the last 10 years (DIB), or
    • Do you and your spouse have limited financial means (SSI)
  2. Are you working too much?
    • In 2024, you cannot earn over $1,550 per month and claim to be disabled for those same months. If you are close to this amount, it will be very difficult to prove your case.
    • However, if your work was short lived, it could be considered an unsuccessful work attempt which would not prevent benefits (under 6 months).
  3. Do you have at least one diagnosed medical condition?
    • You should also be currently treating with a medical professional for any such conditions on a regular basis.
    • For Social Security to take your case seriously you will usually need to be seeing a specialist (but not always depending on your history).
  4. Do you meet the criteria to be considered automatically disabled based on a specific medical condition?
    • This is called a step 3 finding of disabled, see the following link for information regarding specific medical conditions. Please remember that you can still be considered disabled even if you do not fit the criteria in this link: you do not fit the criteria in this link, you can still be considered disabled based on the information in (5) and (6), below.
  5. Does the combination of your health problems prevent you from doing your previous work?
    • Social Security looks at the work you did in the last 15 years and any skills that you may have developed in that work that may transfer to less demanding jobs.
  6. Are there other jobs that exist in the economy that you can do on a full-time basis?
    • Are you over age 50? If so, you can be considered disabled if you can only do a sedentary job provided that you do not have past sedentary jobs or cannot use those sedentary job skills.
    • Are you over age 55? If so, you can be considered disabled if you can only do a light or sedentary job provided that you do not have past light or sedentary jobs or cannot use those sedentary or light job skills.
    • Are you under age 50? If so, you will have to show that you cannot do any full time and competitive job-including sit down jobs or jobs that let you alternate between sitting and standing.
    • What are some of the things that may prevent you from working? Perhaps you cannot concentrate well, cannot deal well with other people, cannot finish things you start, need a lot of breaks to calm down, need to lie down, have problems using your hands, need to elevate your legs, need to be reminded of what to do too often, or have bad days that would cause you to be absent from work a few days per month. Issues standing, walking, lifting and sitting are also of major importance-especially for those over age 50. There are many other symptoms or restrictions that could prevent someone from working. This is why it is usually a good idea to hire an experienced disability attorney to help you prove your case.

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