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Social Security Disability Q&A

1.  You must not be working too much to collect disability.

Question: How much work is too much to get disability?

Answer: For the year 2022, earning $1,350 per month for an extended time will almost always prevent you from claiming disability.  This is a law.  This is a gross figure, which means before any deductions-including taxes.  The closer you are to earning $1,350, the harder it will be to win your case.

2.  You must have a medical diagnosis.

Question: What medical conditions do I need to have to get disability?

Answer: Almost any medical condition or combination of conditions can be used to prove disability.  Mental conditions and physical conditions will all be considered.

3.  You must not be able to do your past work.

Question:  What is past work for disability purposes?

Answer: Social Security only looks at your past “relevant” work.  Past relevant work is work that you have done within the last 15 years at a gainful level and that has lasted long enough for you to learn the job.

4.  Your health must prevent you from being able to do other jobs.

Question:  Is it easier to get disability if I am over 50 years old?

Answer: Yes.  If you are over 50 years old, you can often get disability if your health prevents you from doing your past jobs.  If you are under age 50, you will have to show that you cannot perform any job that exists in substantial numbers within the national economy.

5.  Do I need to hire a lawyer to get Social Security Disability?

Answer: You do not need to hire a lawyer to get disability, but your chances of winning are statistically far greater if you do hire a lawyer.  This is because lawyers will gather the evidence for you, ensure that all of the necessary procedural forms are completed correctly, and will present your case to the judge or adjudicator in a manner that is compatible with and relevant to Social Security laws.  Most Social Security cases wind up in court.  Lawyers write briefs, offer opening statements, question witnesses, and argue on your behalf.  Attempting to get disability is a legal problem.  Lawyers are the profession that is trained and skilled in helping people deal with legal problems.

6.  Why should I hire your firm as my Social Security Disability lawyer?

Answer: Because every one of our lawyers is highly experienced in representing those seeking Social Security Disability.  Each one of our lawyers has practiced in the area of Social Security Disability and SSI for their entire career.  Each one of our lawyers has represented at least 1,000 clients at Social Security hearings.  We have a very high success rate for our disability clients.   We are a smaller firm that will give your case individualized attention. We are well-known at our local Social Security hearing office and we have a strong reputation within our community. With us, we will file your application or appeal, we will promptly return your calls, we will gather all of your evidence, we will explain and submit all of your necessary paperwork, and we will talk to Social Security for you. Further, our disability lawyers will meet with you to prepare you for court well before your disability hearing date, our lawyers will ensure that all of your evidence is in your file, our lawyers will argue your case to the Judge in writing before your hearing, our lawyers will argue your case in court, and our lawyers will question the witnesses in court. After your hearing, our lawyers will explain to you the procedure that takes place after you win and how much money you should be expecting. If you do not win your case, our lawyers are also highly skilled in appealing your case to Social Security’s Appeals Council or the Federal District Court.  Many Social Security law firms and advocacy groups are not willing to represent the disabled after a hearing.  We can also be of assistance in filing a new claim if that is what the evidence warrants.

7.   What if I can’t afford a lawyer?

Answer: You can afford us.  We typically only get paid if you get paid. Our fee comes out of any past due benefits that Social Security owes you.  We usually get paid 25% of any past due benefits, and nothing if you do not win.

8.  What are the steps for hiring your firm as my disability lawyer?

Answer: This is easy.  Just call us or contact us.  We offer free consultations and we can be reached at 330-762-6474.  Initially, we may send you some simple forms to sign and return to us.  Once you return the forms, we will be able to help you file your application or appeal.

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