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Community Involvment

At the Akron, Ohio law offices of Smith & Godios Inc., we take our obligation to community involvement seriously. Our law practice has grown and thrived in large part through our interaction with many other people, especially our clients. In turn, we are grateful to be able to share with the community in various ways:

  • Speeches
  • Support groups
  • Information tables at community events
  • Participation at charity events benefiting worthy causes such as the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association
  • Donations to charitable causes supported by staff in our law firm

Our attorneys’ community involvement is mutually beneficial for all: the organizations that we help, their clients and the public whom we reach in the process. Giving back to the community also helps us cultivate the compassionate character that is our ideal in our law practice.

Through our contact with the public at community events, we disseminate valuable legal information about Social Security Disability and other important topics of interest to many people such as veterans’ benefits and Medicare. At the same time, we provide financial and practical support to causes that we believe in. Members of the public know where to find us, and have easy access to our listening ears when we are out and about.

Real people’s real concerns matter at Smith & Godios Inc.

Potential clients of Smith & Godios Inc. often bring serious physical and financial challenges to our attention when they first meet with us. Many are dealing with severe impairments. We thoughtfully listen, offer valuable suggestions and make our legal services available where appropriate.

Our attorneys’ fees normally come as a percentage of lump sum back benefits. There is no hourly rate, no retainer and no flat fee. We only get paid if you get paid. At Smith & Godios Inc., we seek to help everyone who comes to our door in some way — whether by pointing inquirers in the right direction, giving valuable advice or representing new clients before the Social Security or Veterans’ Administrations.

Get an idea of how we can help you by exploring this website. Schedule a consultation with an Akron, Ohio lawyer to talk about your Social Security application in one of our offices in Cleveland or Akron, Ohio, by calling 877-230-5500 or contacting us online.

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