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Social Security Disability

We have done Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applications and appeals for many years.  Our Social Security Disability lawyers have successfully obtained disability benefits for thousands of people in Akron, Ohio and throughout the entire state of Ohio.  We can help you next.

Are you eligible for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income?

Do you believe that you are unable to work full-time?

  • Are you currently receiving medical treatment from a doctor, nurse practitioner,  therapist, or other health care worker?
  • Have you had medical testing or imaging that shows you have a serious health problem?
  • Do you see a psychiatrist or therapist because you have mental health concerns that make it difficult to work?
  • Are you over age 50 and no longer able to do what you used to do for work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.

Along with SSI disability, Social Security Disability is the  main area of practice for our lawyers.  Each one of our Ohio Social Security Disability attorneys have spent their entire career helping the disabled obtain Social Security.

There are several types of Social Security disability benefits:

  • If you have worked for approximately 5 of the last 10 years, then you may qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits on your work record.
  • If you are disabled and over 50 years old, you may qualify for Widow’s Benefits on your spouse’s work record.
  • If you became disabled before age 22, you may be eligible for benefits on your parents’ work record.
  • If you are unable to work and have limited financial resources, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits.
  • If you have limited household income/resources and your child has serious impairments which interferes with their ability to learn, pay attention, socialize, or use their hands/move, then your child may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

If you have any doubt at all about whether you qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income, you should give one of our Social Security Disability attorneys a call.  Our experienced and skilled disability lawyers offer free phone consultations and we are happy to take your call.  If you are out of work or only able to work part-time because of your health (mental or physical), you should give us a call to see if you qualify for disability.  If we take your case, we charge no fee unless you win.  If you have already been denied disability, you should call us right away so that we can help you appeal.  If you miss an appeal deadline, you could lose out on receiving a substantial amount of Social Security back pay.

Questions and Answers:

What is the five month rule for Social Security Disability?
Generally, you have to be disabled for five months before disability can be paid based upon your work record. Benefits start either one year before your application date, or five months after you became disabled- whichever is later.

How much can you earn while trying to get disability?
To be disabled you must be found incapable of earning $1,550 per month gross in 2024. If you regularly earn over this figure while your case is pending it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for you to prove your disability. If you earn over this figure for more than 9 months you will generally be removed from disability if you are already on it. The longer you work at or near $1,550 per month the more likely it is that you will not win your case, and the more likely it is that you will be taken off of disability if you are already on it.

How much does Social Security pay if you are disabled?
SSD is based on your tax record. Accordingly, the amount of SSD you can get depends on how much taxes you have paid. Some people receive a very minimal amount of SSD- under $100 per month. Some people can receive over $3,500 per month in SSD. SSI, which is based on financial need, has a maximum of $943 per month.

What can cause you to lose your Social Security disability benefits?
The most common reason to lose Social Security is if you go back to work and earn too much for too long. However, work should be encouraged as in most situations you will earn more by working then by being on disability.

Contact us on our website,  complete our Social Security disability checklist or call us at 877-230-5500 to talk about whether you may be eligible for any benefits.  Our Ohio social security disability lawyers regularly represent disability clients at Court in Akron, Ohio but our clients also come from the surrounding areas of Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton, Stow, Norton, Wadsworth, Medina, Green, Fairlawn, Richfield, New Franklin, Canton, Kent, Massillon, Ravenna, Rootstown, Tallmadge, Uniontown, Canal Fulton, Brunswick, and Wooster.

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