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What Medical Evidence Do I Need To File For Social Security Disability?

Using Medical Evidence to Build Your Case


We can help you gather the medical evidence you’ll need to prove your claim and get benefits. Houses are built with wood, brick and mortar. Likewise, your disability claim is built using medical records.

Why ongoing medical treatment is essential to your claim

When you send in an application requesting benefits, you need to provide proof that you are disabled.

You should also see a doctor regularly. Why? If the Social Security Administration (SSA) suspects that your disability could be “cured,” they may just tell you to go get treatment. They can only know that your disability is real if you document that fact through regular medical care.

See a specialist as well as a general practitioner

You may need to see a specialist in addition to your “family doctor” or general practitioner. For example, if you have back problems, see an orthopedist. If you have nerve problems, see a neurologist. If you have a psychological condition, you should see a psychiatrist.

In every case, you should always follow your doctor’s instructions. Not only will it be better for your health, but it will also show the Social Security Administration that you are doing everything you can.

But I can’t afford a doctor!

You may be covered under a spouse or other family member’s insurance plan. Otherwise, you may be able to get a Medicaid card through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Medicaid expansion. We can also refer you to a free clinic that will give you the testing and treatment you need. In addition, Jobs and Family Services may be able to help you with reduced cost healthcare.

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