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Duty to Report Changes to the Social Security Administration

Disability Issues: Keeping the Social Security Administration Informed

Duty to Report ChangesChanges in your life can mean changes in your disability benefits. Some events that can trigger a duty to report changes to the SSA include:

  • A change of residence
  • A return to work
  • Changes in your medical condition that will allow you to work
  • Marriage
  • Eligibility for other benefits
  • Changes in household income
  • Imprisonment
  • Changes in immigration status

A complete list of events you must report is provided in Section 133 of the SSA’s online Social Security Handbook.

Will the SSA automatically take away my disability benefits?

Unless your medical condition has improved to the point where you can no longer be considered legally disabled, honoring your duty to report changes to the SSA will not usually mean termination of benefits. While a move, for instance, will probably have no effect. In many other situations described above, the SSA will need to adjust or suspend your monthly payment (if warranted) and notify you of the change.

What can we do to help? Our lawyers can provide you with a good estimate regarding any potential reduction in benefits. This can help you prepare for that reduction or reconsider your plans (if you’re only thinking about making a change). In addition, if we feel that the government is likely to try to cut off your benefits, we can start preparing to appeal that decision in advance.

Ohio Statewide Help…

Our disability law firm, Smith & Godios Inc., began handling Social Security Disability Benefits in 1997. It’s what we do best.

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