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Can I Get SSDI Benefits for Disabled Adult Children?

Because Disabilities Don’t Disappear at 18…

people-5It really doesn’t get any easier to take care of disabled children just because they’ve had 18 birthdays and become a legal adult.

If you’re worried about what you’ll do, about how you will be able to continue caring for your adult child, call or contact our Ohio Social Security Disability law firm, Smith & Godios Inc.

We can help. Better still, it won’t cost you a dime to have us get started. In fact, you won’t be asked to pay any fees unless we recover the benefits for you.

A Parent’s Work History Goes a Long Way

Many people are not aware that the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program also provides benefits to disabled adult children who meet the following criteria:

  • The disability began before age 22 and continues to the present
  • The disabled adult child has never worked over the limits as defined by SSA, after age 22.
  • The disabled adult child has never been married (except to another similarly disabled adult)
  • The disabled adult child has at least one parent who is receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits; or who died but had worked long enough to have been eligible for SSD benefits

If all four of these conditions are met, adult children may receive benefits for as long as they are considered disabled.

Our offices are located in Akron and Cleveland, and our lawyers help people obtain benefits for disabled adult children throughout the state of Ohio.

Our law firm has been dedicated to handling claims for government disability benefits for many years. Our lawyers are driven by our passion for helping people who need benefits. Even if your case is difficult, we’ll do whatever we can to help you obtain benefits.

To schedule a free consultation, with no strings attached, call us at 877-230-5500 or contact our offices online.

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