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Do You Have Service Related Disability?

dis-2 Getting the Help You Need with Military Service Related Disability?

You are currently suffering from medical conditions related to your military service. You’ve already paid a tremendous price for what you believe in and the country you call home. And now, because of injuries you sustained or conditions you have developed or aggravated during your military service, you’re unable to work and support yourself or your family.

Or maybe your service-connected condition impacts the type of work you can do. Or maybe, your service-connected condition does not prevent your work, but it causes pain, stress, depression, fatigue etc..

Either way, it is time for the government to do its part to help you.

If you are an Ohio resident and believe you have a service related disability, you can find the experienced legal help you need to get the government to honor its commitments to you at the law firm of Smith & Godios Inc.

Call 877-230-5500 or contact our attorneys online for a free consultation and more information on filing a claim for veterans’ disability benefits.

What Counts as a Service Related Disability?

Almost every injury, illness or condition suffered in connection with, or made worse during, military service can be considered “service connected.” It is not necessary that the condition is related to combat or military duties.

The criteria for service connected disability is that there must be a current medical diagnosis and you need to show that there is a nexus between the current diagnosis and the time you spent in the military.

Certain types of physical and mental impairments are presumed to be service connected. Even if yours is not one of those, we know how to prove that you deserve the benefits you’re seeking and get the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to fully and fairly consider your claim. Please remember that the VA rates vets from 0% to 100% disabled in 10% increments. Thus, even if your condition does not stop you from working, you could still be entitled to something.

Statewide Help… Office Locations in Akron, Ohio

We are grateful for your service to our country and will be passionate about helping you gain access to the benefits you need. There’s no risk, you won’t pay any fee unless our lawyers get the disability benefits you seek. To schedule a free consultation, call 877-230-5500 or contact us online.

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