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Why does it take so long to have my disability hearing scheduled? Do I really need representation?

People often ask why it takes so long to have a hearing to determine if they are disabled. You may have seen the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last month - which asked this question. The number of…

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability

Why do I need regular medical treatment for my SSD/SSI claim? The importance of getting medical treatment in Social Security Disability cases

Regular Treatment is Necessary Regular medical treatment is extremely important for Social Security Disability claims. Social Security will look at your treatment records to see how bad your limitations and symptoms are. Social Security wants to see regular and consistent…

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Small increase planned for 2017 Social Security Benefits 2017 marks fifth year of historically low increases

Millions of people receiving Social Security benefits will be getting a very small increase - 0.3% - in their monthly benefits in 2017.  This marks the fifth year in a row that older and disabled Americans will have to settle…

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How do I apply for disability? Social Security Benefits

Know the Process and Know You Don’t Need to Handle Social Security Claims Alone

attorney-shifrin3Now you understand how you have to prove disability, but what is the process?

The first thing you have to do is file an applicationSocial Security has joined the digital age, and applications are usually filed over the internet.  The date of your application is important as DIB benefits can only be paid for 12 months prior to the date of your application.  Even if you became disabled several years ago, you can only receive monies for the past year.  This is also important as you are not eligible for Medicare until you have been able to receive DIB benefits for 24 months.  You also need to know that there is a 5 full month waiting period for DIB.  For example, if you applied in January 2015 and are found disabled as of January 1, 2014, your benefits will begin June 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare June 2016.  If you are found disabled January 2, 2014, your benefits will begin July 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare July 2016.  If you are found disabled January 2008 and you apply in January 2015, your benefits will not begin until January 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare in January 2016.

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Delays could come sooner than later if Congress allows another Social Security shutdown "The Social Security Administration's administrative budget costs are seven tenths of one percent (.7%) of beneficiary outlays. These costs make SSA the most cost effective program in the US government and private sector alike."

Read the full article here.

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Does your child have trouble interacting with and relating to others? How do I prove that my child is disabled?

The third area that the Social Security Administration considers when evaluating whether a child is disabled involves their ability to interact and relate to others.  See SSR 09-5p. In my experience this is probably the second most popular domain for…

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