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Can I get Social Security for burns? Disability Benefits and Lawyers

If you have suffered a soft tissue injury, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits (also commonly referred to as SSD, DIB, and/or SSI Benefits). The most common type of soft tissue injury is burns, but other types of injuries can still qualify. The injury would typically need to be quite severe and involve at least one leg or arm, the trunk of your body, or your face and head. In order to obtain benefits, you would need to suffer one of these injuries, undergo surgical management for them in an attempt to salvage or restore the function of that part of your body, and show that the surgery was not successful. Social Security will find that a person’s major function of the face and head are affected when it has an impact on any or all activities that require vision, hearing, speech, mastication, and the initiation of the digestive process (aka: swallowing, chewing, etc.).

Overall, Social Security looks to see whether the problems a person is having prevents them from working any full-time job that exists in the United States. This can be a tough standard to meet. Although the road to receiving Social Security Disability Benefits is long and frustrating, an Attorney can help make sure these standards are being met and can make the process less confusing and stressful.

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