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How do I apply for disability? Social Security Benefits

Know the Process and Know You Don’t Need to Handle Social Security Claims Alone

attorney-shifrin3Now you understand how you have to prove disability, but what is the process?

The first thing you have to do is file an applicationSocial Security has joined the digital age, and applications are usually filed over the internet.  The date of your application is important as DIB benefits can only be paid for 12 months prior to the date of your application.  Even if you became disabled several years ago, you can only receive monies for the past year.  This is also important as you are not eligible for Medicare until you have been able to receive DIB benefits for 24 months.  You also need to know that there is a 5 full month waiting period for DIB.  For example, if you applied in January 2015 and are found disabled as of January 1, 2014, your benefits will begin June 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare June 2016.  If you are found disabled January 2, 2014, your benefits will begin July 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare July 2016.  If you are found disabled January 2008 and you apply in January 2015, your benefits will not begin until January 2014, and you will be eligible for Medicare in January 2016.

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Social Security Disability Benefits

So You Need to File for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security . . .What Next? Part Three

Providing Evidence of Disability

med-2Evidence is the key to any claim for disability.  After all, if you claim to be disabled, you are stating that you have a medical condition which prevents you from working.  Unless you have medical evidence of your disabling conditions, you will probably not be found disabled.

SSA will look at the following types of medical evidence to decide if you are disabled.

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