Small increase planned for 2017 Social Security Benefits 2017 marks fifth year of historically low increases

Millions of people receiving Social Security benefits will be getting a very small increase – 0.3% – in their monthly benefits in 2017.  This marks the fifth year in a row that older and disabled Americans will have to settle for historically low increases. The adjustment works out to an average increase of less than $4 a month for an average Social Security recipient.

More than 60 million retirees, disabled workers, and beneficiaries receive Social Security benefits. The cost-of-living adjustment also affects the more than 8 million people who get Supplemental Security Income, the disability program for individuals with lower incomes, and 4 million disabled veterans.

Read more about the cost-of-living adjustment increase by clicking here.

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  1. I turned 62 in July,so I have to call in concerning disability vs regular retirement benefit s

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