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Why is it important to have an experienced Social Security lawyer? Disability Attorneys

Five things you should know before hiring a Social Security Disability AttorneyYou are disabled. You need to file an application for Social Security Disability Benefits or SSI. Do you apply for disability benefits on your own? Do you use a disability attorney? You know how you feel. The doctors said that you are disabled and anyone can see this is true. What should you do?

There are many things that you can do on your own. The problem comes when someone else can do it better than you can. Why would anyone want to risk applying for disability benefits, an incredibly important matter, when they could very well do something that could have a disastrous effect on their case?

So, you decide to hire a disability attorney. Who do you hire? There are many people out there who claim they practice Social Security Law. But do they really have that area of law mastered? Have they spent the time learning the regulations, law, and customs of the local offices and judges? You want to entrust your case to a qualified representative who regularly handles Social Security Disability appeals. You wouldn’t trust car repairs to a mechanic who dabbled in that area. You wouldn’t let your general practitioner perform heart surgery. Don’t select a Social Security Disability attorney that is not qualified to properly represent you. Your Social Security Disability case should not be left to an amateur.

Many national firms use people that aren’t even attorneys to represent their clients. They meet them on the day of the hearing and have not spent the time to get to know their client. Is this really the kind of Social Security Disability representation you are entrusting your case? Don’t be mislead by claims of success. Anyone can claim false results or claim they are the most successful firm. That is just fake news. Talk with your attorney – the one who will actually represent with your Social Security Disability appeal.

Ask the attorney about their experience. Ask friends and family for a recommendation. Call other lawyers you may know for a referral. Most people will not refer you to anyone they do not trust themselves. Your Social Security Disability case is too important to ask for anything less.

At Smith & Godios Inc., we’re proud of the fact that the majority of our new clients come to us from referrals from past clients. It has always been our goal to treat our clients with the respect and special attention we feel they deserve.

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