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The Emotional Cost of Disability. Why the Right Disability Attorney Makes a Difference

Disability Lawyers Smith & Godios Inc.The Emotional Cost of Disability. Why the Right Disability Attorney Makes a Difference
It’s no fun to be sick. It makes everything we try to do in life that much harder. Many are tired, ache, and don’t feel like doing anything or being around anyone. Imagine if that feeling never goes away. That every day you are miserable due to pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and so on. It doesn’t get better no matter what the doctors give you. Medication, physical therapy, counseling, braces, TENS units, nothing helps.

Many disability clients go through this every day. They are unable to enjoy even the simplest of activities. It affects their marriages, their relationships with their children, and their relationships with family and friends. They have become their disease. No longer are they greeted with a cheery “Hi! What’s up?” Instead they are greeted with a somber “Hi. How are you feeling?” masked with the face of pity. The perpetual cycle of disability makes these people feel less than human and leads to depression, isolation, and thoughts that they never believed would crop into their heads.

What is even worse is when someone doesn’t believe what they are going through. Family and friends assume they are just “milking it” for sympathy or because they are lazy. Those wounds don’t heal. So, many clients file for disability hoping for verification and vindication from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, they are met with the same skepticism that seems to exist everywhere and this type of rejection comes with a government stamp.

The right Social Security Disability attorney has experience dealing with these problems. They empathize with your situation. They understand the feelings their client is having. They provide counsel, comfort, and confidence that there issues are heard and understood. They take the time to listen to your problems and how they affect these areas that are often ignored. Good representation just isn’t about evidence and medical records. It involves understanding what is going on with their client in all areas of their life. Understanding how they are coping with their illness and providing some direction if they are not receiving the proper support is crucial to being a good Social Security Disability attorney.

As a rule, we should be kind to those who are sick and suffering from physical and mental problems. Treat them with respect and understanding as you wouldn’t wish what they are going through on your worst enemy. You never know if someday this could be you.

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