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Stop the Wait Act

Can I get Medicare with my Disability Benefits? Disability Attorneys Supporting the Stop the Wait Act

Recently, members of Congress have re-introduced a Bill that would be highly beneficial to the disabled.  The Stop the Wait Act is now back before Congress.  We discussed this Bill in an earlier blog posting from 2019, but the Bill was never voted upon back then.

As previously discussed, the Stop the Wait Act would eliminate the law that prevents payment of Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD, not SSI) to disabled individuals for the first five months that they are disabled.  The Act would also eliminate the 24 month mandatory waiting period that the disabled must endure for Medicare eligibility.

Quicker access to disability payments and Medicare are issues that our Social Security Law Firm strongly supports because it will greatly help a large portion of our clients.  If you agree that the disabled should not have to wait five months for their Social Security to start and should not have to wait 24 months for Medicare, then we would strongly encourage you to contact your local Congressperson or Senator and tell them that you support the Stop the Wait Act.

Please contact us and ask for one of our disability attorneys if you have questions.

You may utilize the following link to find your Congressperson’s contact information.


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  1. It will help many people who are willing to claim file for SSDI benefits. They will know the benefits and the medicare process from this blog. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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