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Coronavirus Unemployment and Disability Claims Social Security Disability Lawyers During the Coronavirus

Ohio Unemployment and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, the State of Ohio, as with many states, have streamlined the process for getting unemployment benefits.  They also added an additional $600 per week supplement under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program.  Although this program is a great help to those who have lost their jobs during this epidemic, it will, eventually, end.


If you have medical conditions that have caused you difficulty working before the coronavirus, you may be unable to return to work.  Therefore, filing for Social Security Disability will become an option for you.  You must come up with an informed plan before you file for these benefits.  There will be a number of firms, some not even lawyers, that will flood the internet and possibly advertise on TV promising all sorts of falsehoods and misleading information to get you to hire them.  Do not believe all you see or hear.  Do some research as countless studies have shown, you are better off hiring a lawyer who practices in your local area.  Local area lawyers have fostered a relationship with the Judges who hear the cases, the local offices who process the application, and the medical professionals who treat you.  They are in the best position to help you with your application for Social Security Disability benefits.


To provide some comfort for you while the coronavirus is still here, please know that our firm can fully assist you from your home.  Even before COVID-19 we were helping some Social Security Disability clients without requiring them to leave their home.  We can mail any and all information to you and file your application for you all without you stepping foot outside.  In these times, you need to trust local attorneys who have your best interests in mind.  Do not trust your Social Security Disability case to an unknown outfit that may be out of state that only wants to add to their numbers.  Smith Godios Sorensen Inc. are local Akron, Ohio Social Disability Lawyers you can trust with your case.

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