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Social Security Disability Attorney

Should I Hire a Local Akron Disability Attorney? Hiring a Disability Lawyer

The Attorneys at Smith Godios Sorensen are all local attorneys.  Our office is located in Akron, just steps away from the Akron Office of Hearing Operations, where claimants have their Social Security Disability hearings.  The Social Security Disability Attorneys at Smith Godios Sorensen know what to expect during hearings with the Akron Social Security Administrative Law Judges because we have done countless hearings with all of them.  This makes us better equipped to prepare our clients for their hearings.  We know what kinds of questions your particular judge is likely to ask, what evidence is important to them, and so on.  Out-of-town attorneys do not have this experience and their clients suffer for it.  They can only guess what questions the judge may ask their client and this may leave their client woefully unprepared to testify. Judges, just like all people, are diverse and they all do their hearings a little differently and have their personal preferences.  An out-of-town attorney that has never even met the judge they are going in front of can’t be certain that they’ve provided the judge with everything they require to approve their client.  Also, if your judge hates it when people wear a hat or chew gum in their hearings, prefer to be addressed in a certain way, or expect you to have certain information readily available during the hearing, isn’t that something you’d like to know?  Working with an Akron Social Security Disability Attorney can ensure you start off on the right foot with the judge and will make you feel confident that you are prepared to answer the judge’s questions.

It is also convenient for clients to be able to drop off paperwork or stop by an office that is near them rather than having to constantly mail everything back and forth because your attorney lives states away. Having to do so slows the process down and can create problems when last minute evidence needs to be submitted quickly.

The local Attorneys at Smith Godios Sorensen can help you today, regardless of what stage your claim is in.  If you are still working and have questions about whether you might qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, please feel free to call us anytime at 330-762-6474.  We’re always happy to answer questions.  We help clients at all stages, whether that’s filing for benefits for the first time, appealing a denial, attending a hearing, or appealing cases to the Appeals Council and Federal Court.  You deserve a local legal team that is equipped to help you at all stages of the process.

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