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Compromise is Important Presidential Politics

As we embark on the Presidential “season”, it bothers me that there is so much polarization.  When did “compromise” become a bad word?  Why are we voting for people who proclaim that they are the ones who won’t compromise.

Our Constitution sought to protect all from the “tyranny of the majority.”  Just because more people are in favor of something doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it ethical, or doesn’t make it democratic.

For instance, I’m Jewish.  Just because the vast majority of Americans are Christian, doesn’t mean that I can’t observe my Sabbath and my holidays and I can’t be penalized at work or school for doing so.  The majority doesn’t always rule when basic liberty is at stake.  And the majority doesn’t always get to have it’s way if the issue deals with basic liberty.  That’s why compromise is important.

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