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Attorneys at Smith Godios Sorensen Volunteer at ACCESS Attorneys Smith and Sorensen Host Legal Classes for Women in Need

Scott Smith and Shannon Sorensen, Attorneys and Partners at Smith Godios Sorensen Inc., hosted two classes  for the women at the ACCESS shelter in Akron, Ohio over the last week. The Lawyers at Smith Godios Sorensen Inc. always looks forward to holding these classes at ACCESS, given all the fantastic work ACCESS does in our community for women and children in need. The classes addressed various areas of law, including Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income, eviction, foreclosure, criminal defense, and bankruptcy. The Attorneys at Smith Godios Sorensen Inc. are always happy to help out this wonderful organization that does so much to address the needs of homeless women and children in the Akron area. Due to the lengthy wait many face when applying for SSD/SSI, it is sadly common for applicants to face issues such as eviction, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. For more information on ACCESS, please click here. If you are facing homelessness due to an inability to work, please call us toll-free at 877-230-5500 today – we may be able to help.

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