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How do I win my Social Security disability or SSI case?

Social Security Disability ClaimsWhat does it take to win?

When a person has a Social Security Disability claim, they all ask the same questions. How long does it take? What are my chances? What does it take to win? These are all legitimate questions that have imperfect answers. Social Security Disability cases do not have simple answers. This is because each case depends on certain variables which are unique and, often, beyond the control of the representative.

The frustration a claimant feels is real. Why isn’t my evidence enough? What are they looking for? If I could work, I would. At times it feels like Social Security thinks people apply for disability for the fun of it. That their doctors just casually lie about their patient’s limitations. I think what they forget is that the first step a person must take when applying for Social Security benefits admitting that they are unable to work. Not exactly the easiest thing for a person with self-worth to admit.

What compounds the claimant’s frustration is the realization that different judges will make different decisions when presented with the same facts. It is hard to explain to a client that feels real pain that they believe significantly limits their abilities, whose doctors tell them that they are unable to work, that a judge may still deny their claim. This scenario happens all the time. It is important to have proper representation from an attorney who is local to your area and concentrates on Social Security Disability to help avoid the disappointment that comes with these scenarios.

A good Social Security Disability lawyer will help you navigate this complicated process. They provide support, answer questions, and fill in the gaps that may exist in your case. It may be that you need treatment, different treatment, or need to stop doing things that can have a damaging effect on your case. The most important thing is to get some help with your case from a knowledgeable Social Security Disability lawyer.

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