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Step Four: What if I can’t do any of my past jobs? Step 4: Are you able to do any of your past jobs?

Step 4:  Are you able to do any of your past jobs?

At the fourth step of the Sequential Evaluation, Social Security considers your residual functional capacity and your past relevant work.  If Social Security determines that despite any physical and/or mental health limitations, you can still perform any of your past jobs, you will not be found disabled.


Social Security will review your medical records and your reported symptoms to determine what, if any, physical and/or mental limitations you would likely have in a work setting.  This assessment is referred to as your residual functional capacity.  Based on your residual functional capacity, Social Security will decide whether you could still perform any of your past relevant work.


In order to determine what jobs from your work history would be considered past relevant work, Socialjob history Security will review your work history from the prior 15 years.  A job is considered past relevant work if the income rose to the level of substantial gainful activity, the job did not include certain accommodations, the job was not considered subsidized work, and the job was performed long enough for you to have learned the necessary skills associated with that job.  (For a more detailed explanation of the substantial gainful activity and subsidized work, please see the previous blog posts from Step 1 of the Sequential Evaluation.)


If Social Security determines that you are incapable of performing any of your past relevant work, they will move on to Step 5 of the Sequential Evaluation.


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