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Qualifying for Social Security Disability

What do I need to be diagnosed with to get Social Security? Disability lawyers

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits/Supplemental Security Income is more than a diagnosis with certain conditions. It’s understandable, since the doctors and other medical professionals that treat you are in a good position to determine what your diagnoses are based on your symptoms and exam/test results. If your doctor thinks your symptoms are bad enough to give you a diagnosis, you may think this will convince the Social Security Administration that you are disabled. Although Social Security does care what diagnoses you have, they care most about how those conditions affect your ability to work. Even if you are diagnosed with very serious conditions, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, or autism, a diagnosis alone is not enough to get you approved for benefits. It must also be shown that, despite medical treatment, the condition impairs you so greatly that you cannot meet the demands of full-time work. The symptoms you’ve reported in your medical records can help establish this, as well as medical opinions from the doctors and medical professionals that treat you. An attorney can make sure you’ve provided the evidence Social Security requires. Call us today toll-free at 877-230-5500 with any questions.

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