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Can I get Social Security for an unsuccessful surgery on my legs or hips? Social Security DIsability for leg and hip problems following a surgery

If a person has undergone surgery on a weight-bearing joint, such as a hip joint, but this surgery was not successful, it can seriously interfere with a person’s ability to work. Social Security may find that you are entitled to Disability Benefits if you have had such a surgery but still cannot walk effectively following it. To determine whether a person is able to walk effectively, Social Security will look to see whether the person is reporting problems with walking, balance, leg weakness, or falling in their medical records and will also look to see whether they have been prescribed a cane, walker, or wheelchair by a doctor. If a person’s ability to ambulate effectively returns within 12 months of the onset of the condition, benefits will not be paid on this condition alone. However, this problem, coupled with other problems, could still be disabling if, in combination, they keep a person from working full-time.

Overall, Social Security looks to see whether the problems a person is having prevents them from working any full-time job that exists in the United States. This can be a tough standard to meet. Although the road to receiving Social Security Disability Benefits is long and frustrating, an Attorney can help make sure these standards are being met and can make the process less confusing and stressful.

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