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Is it possible to get disability for an amputation? Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are an amputee and meet the following requirements, you could be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits:

• Both of your hands have been amputated
• One of your legs has been amputated at the ankle or above and you’ve had complications with your stump that has made you unable to use a prosthetic device to walk
• You’ve had one hand amputated and one leg amputated at the ankle or above and cannot walk effectively ; or
• You’ve had an entire leg amputated from the hip or pelvic-level down

If you have any of the following problems and you are not able to work a full-time job as a result, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits. Although the road to receiving Social Security Disability Benefits is typically long and frustrating, an Attorney can help make sure these standards are being met and can make the process less confusing and stressful.

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