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How does Social Security determine if I am disabled?

Social Security determines if you are disabled by putting you through a five-step sequential evaluation.

The first step is whether you’re working and if you are making more than substantial gainful activity which is defined as one thousand dollars a month earnings on a gross basis.

The second step is determining if you have a severe impairment. If you do have an impairment, then you go to step three.

Step three determines if you meet any of the listing of impairments that are created in the Code of Federal Regulations. If you meet or equal listing, then you win your case at that step. If you don’t then you go to step four.

Step four asks if you can do your past relevant work. If you can do your past relevant work, then you lose your hearing at that step. If you cannot do your past relevant work, then you go to step five.

Step five asks if you can do any other job that exists in the national economy and substantial numbers if you cannot do jobs that exist in substantial numbers then you be considered disabled.

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